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The Journey

Just a 2 1/2 hour flight from Brisbane or a hop skip and a jump from Sydney or New Zealand will get you to Luganville, Espirutu Santo, Vanuatu.


Flights from Australia are available through Air Vanuatu and Virgin Pacific.  Flights from New Zealand are available through Air Vanuatu. See their websites for current offers.

For full details check the ESTA website:


Full details of your adventure will be emailed upon booking.

If your flight is delayed and you arrive later in the afternoon, you may wish to stay in Luganville to avoid crossing the channel on dark or in the dark.

On arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by a local bus or taxi that will take you in to the main street of Luganville.  The driver will cost 1500Vatu each way. If the group is large with a number of bags, 2 buses may be required at 1500Vatu each (subject to fuel pricing).

After a quick stop to change money, your driver will take you to the local fruit and vegetable markets, butcher and grocery store to stock up on supplies for your stay at the house.  

A quick phone call from your driver to the Water Taxi and you will be taken to the pick up point. 


The water taxi will then take you across the channel to Aore Island to a private jetty.  The fee is 1,500-2,000 Vatu (depending on number of people and bags) and paid on arrival at the jetty.


You will be greeted by Sandy who will help take your bags up to the house. You have now reached your private retreat!


Relax and Enjoy!

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